I am very passionate about teaching DS/ML/DL and have taken part in various projects:

  • Co-founded Data, a extracurricular DS group focused on teaching and developing DS projects at USP.
  • Been a TA for the Data Science MBA at USP since 2020 teaching Python, DS, ML and Deep Learning.
  • Invited as a teacher at the Python for Data Science course
  • Headed the Data Science part of the Data Science and Engineering course at a startup incubator

With a focus on volunteering, I’ve also:

  • Acted as a programming Tutor, teaching fundamentals of logic and computer programming to underprivileged communities
  • Acted as a personal mentor to high school student, helped with doubts related to university life, building a study plan for the SATs and answering career questions.

See my resume for a more detailed descriptions and relevant posts below: