👋 - About Me

👋 Hi! Olá! I’m Bruno, currently a CS Ph.D. Candidate at NYU Tandon School of Engineering advised by professor Damon McCoy working alongside the Cybersecurity for Democracy group. I work broadly in applications of Machine Learning/Data Science for studying large online networks.

Now page

Currently, I’m focusing on:

  • Understanding how representative polarizing information is on social media platforms
  • Working on factuality of LLM’s

As side/coding projects, I am also focusing on:

  • 🧑‍🏫 TA for University of São Paulo’s Data Science MBA - I tutor “Introduction to Data Science”, “Programming for Data Science”, “Machine Learning” and “Neural Networks and Deep Learning”.

I am always interested in learning, discussing and collaborating on Cyber Security and Machine Learning research and interesting challenges - Shoot me a email ✉️ to chat!


I got my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP 🇧🇷 ), with a focus in Machine Learning as a Research Assistant at the Laboratory of Computational Intelligence, while also participating in many Kaggle like competitions 🏆 and co-founding a Machine Learning-Data Science research group (DATA).

In my free time I can be often be found traveling, reading sci-fi or practicing Parkour.


Old News
  • (February - April 2024) I am a reviewer for ICWSM and IC2S2.
  • (November 2023) 🐍💾 I attended PyData NYC and had a great time with the local community.
  • (August 2023) 🤖 I had a great time interning at Kensho as a ML NLP intern working on LLM and Zero-shot classification.
  • (July 2023) I was invited to talk at NYU's PhD Panel about the graduate experience to interested undergraduate students.
  • (March 2023) 🧑‍🏫 I was invited for two guest lecture for NYU's Security Analytics class - "Information Visualization" and "Introduction to Data Science methods and Python tools".
  • (Feb 2023) 🎤 I was invited to speak at NYU's PhD Prospective Students panel.
  • (Jan 2023) 🎉 Our paper got accepted to the 2023 ACM Web Conference! - Propaganda Política Pagada: Exploring U.S. Political Facebook Ads en Español!
  • (Oct 2022) I will be attending ACM Internet Measurement Conference late October! If you're going and interested in discussing research/meeting, shoot me an email!
  • (Sep 2022) Alongside CyberSecuirty for Democracy I've written up the results of my recent research: Spending on 2020 Spanish-language political ads on Meta lagged behind English-language ads
  • (Sep 2022) 🎉 I have passed my Qualifying Exam and am officially a Ph.D. Student Candidate!
  • (Aug 2022) 🎖️ I have recently won the NDD Tech ML challenge! Read more here.