2018 Data Science Game Finalist

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Data Science Game

The Data Science Game (DSG) is an international data science, kaggle-like competition for students interested in computer science, engineering, statistics and applied mathematics.

I took part in the 2018 competition, alongside 3 other undergraduate students; together we secured a place in the top 30 teams worldwide, giving us a spot in the finals in France.

Qualification Phase

We had 1 month to analyze the bond market with time-series data provided by BNP Paribas and predicted customer interest in a bond using diverse data, from customer data to international market information.

My team’s final result in the top 30 worldwide from 220 participating universities, guarantying a place in the final.


The final was a 4 day hackaton like competition, where we got to meet some of the best upcoming students in data science from all over the world, besides partaking in talks and discussion about interpretability in AI, security, among other subjects.

This time our challenge was using e-commerce data to help predict customer interest in online shopping.